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You’ve got a story to tell –

about your company, your

product or maybe just to

inspire others.

It might be for your website.

Or maybe to get your team

moving in the right direction.

– from a small,

well-defined group

to an entire nation.


is an award-winning team of communication professionals that uses

storytelling and a multidisciplinary approach to film,

images and sound to help you get the desired results.

Whether it’s an event film, web video or product video, we combine

imaginative filmmaking with marketing savvy to

move you closer to your goals.

For more than 20 years, clients like GE, SAS, IKEA and their

skilled ad agencies have been relying on Winell & Co to

produce imaginative, engaging and highly effective communications projects.

We handle the project management, production and follow up

– all at a fixed price and according to an agreed time plan.

No surprises.

INSPIRATION FILM    See some clips from different projects round the world.


work with a diverse range of clients – from international manufacturing

firms to service providers, consultants and advertising agencies.

We also collaborate with TV channels as well as web producers. 


Over the years, we’ve worked with a varied range

of projects as well as technologies and situations.

We use the very latest film and editing equipment,

a toolbox enabeling us to have the most creative

and funktional solution foe every project.

Transferring and adapting material is handled quickly

and easily with our web based system solutions.

Banner film for web use 


A succesful timbercompany presented in one minute


assignment is too big or small.

Some are designed to change perceptions in the marketplace.

Others are intended to convey an internal message.

Some are national, while others are highly local in nature.

The ability to handle all these different types

of assignments is our strength. 

Sound interesting?

Why not drop us a line with your vision of how moving

images can help you tell your story.

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